Supports for International Students

Short-term Home-stay Program

The Home-Stay Program provides an opportunity to experience Japanese lifestyles. IC will attempt to provide a weekend home-stay (overnight stay) or home-visit (one day) for students who wish to take part. Those interested are requested to submit a home-stay application form, to be referred to by IC when sourcing a host family. * Applicants should note that host family designation is not guaranteed given limited numbers of registered host families. * Applicants are designated either a home-stay or home-visit opportunity depending on the schedule of the host families in any given semester.

Buddy Program

IC supervises your buddy students. MGU students register voluntarily as “buddies” to support international students. Many of these students plan and/or assist IC with the orientations and other events for international students. If you have any trouble with your buddy or have any questions about this system, please do not hesitate to ask IC staff. The buddies are looking forward to be your first friends on campus.

Events for International Students

IC hosts international events planned by buddies every year.

Examples of Events

  • Introducing Japanese Culture: Introducing Japanese cultural traditions such as calligraphy, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and dressing in the kimono. Many people participate in this popular event every year.
    *Only for International Students
  • International Exchange Tour: A day trip with international students, exchange students, and regular students. Limited to 50- 60 students.
  • Tea Party: Social event held at lunchtime (buffet style). Provides opportunities to meet international students, exchange students, and regular students.
  • Sports Festival: Sports competitions in teams with international students, exchange students, and regular students. Winning team receives fun prizes. Limited to approximately 40 students. Last year’s festival was a bowling tournament.