Publicly Available Information

Meiji Gakuin University makes information on the status of its educational and research activities, etc., publicly available in accordance with its responsibility for accountability as an open educational institution and also from the standpoint of enhancing academic excellence.

Basic Information about the University


Faculty of Letters
Department of English | Department of French Literature | Department of Art Studies
Faculty of Economics
Department of Economics | Department of Business Administration | Department of International Business
Faculty of Sociology & Social Work
Department of Sociology | Department of Social Work
Faculty of Law
Department of Juridical Studies | Department of Current Legal Studies | Department of Global Legal Studies | Department of Political Science
Faculty of International Studies
Department of International Studies | Department of Global and Transcultural Studies
Faculty of Psychology
Department of Psychology | Department of Education and Child Development

Graduate School

Graduate School of Arts and Letters
Major of English Literature | Major of French Literature | Major of Art Studies
Graduate School of Economics
Major of Economics | Major of Business Administration
Graduate School of Sociology & Social Work
Major of Sociology | Major of Social Work
Graduate School of Law
Major of Law
Graduate School of International Studies
Major of International Studies
Graduate School of Psychology & Education and Child Development
Major of Psychology | Major of Education and Child Development
Graduate School of Business_and_Law
Major of Business and Law

Business Plans / Business Reports / About reporting of accounts

Tuitions and Fees / scholarships